Our Story

We created Wander+Found to empower exploration of an alcohol-free lifestyle.  Exploring your relationship with alcohol and finding the benefits of taking a break for a moment or for longer.

Chris Becker | Founder/Advisor

Alcohol is many things but one thing it isn't is a way to focus and be present. Putting alcohol in a different place in our lives can be empowering. For some this is moderation. Others, it's a focus on taste or getting that 'buzz' from other experiences: running, 420, diet, mindfulness. The roads are yours to choose. Regardless, we are all one community. For me, it's a journey I'm still on. It's great to know I'm part of a wider community of people on their own journey and their own stories to tell.

Daniel Stiller | CEO, Co-Founder

We made Wander and Found for those seeking to swim against the current, for those who question the norm that alcohol needs to be the central theme when we choose to celebrate or relax. Wander and Found is for those seeking better. For those looking to make better choices and those seeking better alternatives. Wander and Found is not about compromise and that is why we have traveled and tasted wines from around the world and worked with the best vintners we could find who have crafted complex and sophisticated wines that were carefully de- alcoholized to remain true to their original quality. For those who choose to wander in search of better we have created Wander and Found.

Dhimant Patel | COO, Co-Founder

It was never about abstinence for me, it was about smart choices for work and health. My reality is on weekdays I can’t process alcohol the way I once used to. I crossed 50 and even a glass of wine at dinner disrupted my sleep and left me hazy at work the next day. I could feel the impact of alcohol on workouts even days later. So I chose moderation. Yes, I do still enjoy the occasional glass of traditional wine from a tremendous wine list at a dinner with friends/family. It is having access to great tasting alcohol free wines that has enabled me to extend those moments of sharing and joy to more occasions and places. Grateful for the incredible partnerships we built that have enabled this.