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Sophisticated and Award Winning Alcohol-Free Wines

Sensory elegance and complexity with meaningful health benefits - Wander+Found wines have become irresistible

From Germany's esteemed winemaking Rhine region, our vintners draw upon generations of wine-making knowledge and the finest old-growth vines to create robust wines with rich flavours. Savour the experience without the alcohol - try our wines today.

"Not all those who wander are lost"
- Tolkien

Still Wine

Meticulously honed to preserve the polyphenols and minerals in grapes. We present a rich Pinot Noir, crisp and refreshing Cuvée Blanc, and celebratory Rosé.

Sparkling Wine

Refined effervescence for festive moments around a glass. We present a sparkling Cuvée Blanc and sparkling Rosé.

From our customers


I’ve tried many non alcoholic wines in my quest for a healthier lifestyle and this is the closest to red wine I’ve found so far. Well done!

Linda K.

Excellent flavour, not too heavy on the berries like a cab. Great blend and very smooth

Deanna K.

So delicious, and not super sweet like most NA bubbles! Great with fruit or fake mimosa, or just by itself!

Emily C.

This rose was flavorful and interesting - will definitely purchase again

Angela A.

This was surprisingly wonderful! Not sweet, not dry, perfectly tart and fresh! Cannot wait to drink outside in the sunshine with a bit a fruit!

Jodi M.

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